VFS Maker is a visual software tool that allow you to easily automate the tedious process of creating and validating Forms, Surveys and Invitations for your website. You visually select and add the Input Type from a list to your forms or Survey and VFS Maker does the rest.

When you select Build, the program generates the complete HTML file along with the validation code in PHP format that you can FTP to your Web Site.

You have the option to add numbers to each of your questions that will automatically sync to the validation code so that if the user does not answer the question correctly, the number of the question is displayed back to the user.

A Demo and Tutorial is included that takes you step by step through the entire process. A complete Form or Survey can take as little as 5 minutes to develop and post on your web site.

You can also integrate your favorite FTP Client and Web Editor into VFS Maker so that everything is in one place.

You can preview each Input Type before you add it to your form or survey by simply pressing the spacebar. Building the form or survey takes seconds.

For more information, click on Features and Screen Shots.

 NEW FREE ADDED BONUS  - You can now easily create a photoshow of your photos on your website using php scripting language with no programming experience required. Just fill in the blanks and VFS Maker will create your stand-alone script that you simply FTP to your web site. This features includes browsing, thumbnail, change background color, the option to auto download the pictures into a zip file for your users, fading and much much more.

Note: You do not have to purchase VFS Maker to receive this free added bonus. Just download the evaluation copy of VFS Maker to get the free Photoshow maker.



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