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Spell Checker

Auto Show announcements and control the delay time of each page 

Search for any song or part of a song, in any file and display it quickly on the screen as part of the service

Easily assign a chorus key to any page and use that key while displaying the song

Automatically animate a bible flipping pages forwards or  backwards in full screen when showing scriptures

Over 2100 formatted songs included with VCP Service

Go to any page of any song

Automatically proportionally resize your graphics files on the fly before they are shown

Special Curtain effects

Sermon Wizard - prepare your sermon in less then 5 minutes

Supports long filenames

Now with tool tips

View animated gifs, java, applets, real player sound and more

Supports midi, mp2 and mp3 sound files

Automatically center and divides a song in any number of pages per screen

Automatically load your service and show announcements at startup

Automatically preview the songs and graphics before selecting it

Easily mix circular color effects and graphics

Added a graphics tutorial that shows you what each screen looks like

Drag and Drop movie files and automatically play them inside your text files or songs

Play Sound files in your text or graphics files

Easily and visually create stunning 3D text

Easily and visually blink your 3D text

Create special effects, blink your text or show it in slow motion

Use the mouse to drag and drop or use the Shift/Cntrl keys to select multiple files

Preview any part of your page by simply highlighting it

Search and replace any part of your page and view text and graphics on a fly

Import text and graphics file and mix text and graphics on the same page

Visually add fonts and colors to any line

Visually add or change fonts , colors and alignment to any character of any line

Automatically adjusts the text width of any line

Drag and drop and move or copy multiple files instantly

While displaying a song, go to the top, the end, the chorus page or any other song by simply pressing a single key

Easily and visually add Bullets and Wingdings.

Drag and drop from any drive. Append to the previous page.

Assign up to 11 short cut keys while editing or creating a song

Add notes to your service and have them come up when the service is loaded

Auto load your service and run any selection from the main menu at startup

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not upon your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him. And He will direct, He will direct your path.