Before you download the setup file, be sure to disable your Anti Virus software otherwise your Anti Virus software may delete the setup file after it's downloaded. 

Note: This software does not contain any viruses.

Latest Version: 1.5.9

Thank you for your interest in JM Wallpaper Changer

To download JM Wallpaper Changer, click on the Download JM Wallpaper Changer Button below.

NOTE: When running windows 10, and when you first click on setup.exe,  you will get a warning message.

Windows Protected your pc
Windows SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk
More Info

Click on More info and select Run Anyway

Then before you run JM WALLPAPER CHANGER, right mouse click on the icon and select , RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR

Download JM Wallpaper Changer




01/17/16 1.5.9 Changed instructions on adding folder to favorites. Added Menu to add favorites in Favorites page
03/21/13 1.5.8 Added to check revision live on line
03/01/13 1.5.7 Fixed a minor bug with first wallpaper at startup
02/13/13 1.5.6 Added option to exclude files during the wallpaper changer
12/31/12 1.5.5 Added Auto Resize Control to the main program and Slide Show
12/28/12 1.5.4 Added the option to put JM Wallpaper Changer in the Startup Group of your computer
12/20/12 1.5.2 Added Sort Order to History. Fixed minor bugs
12/17/12 1.5.1 Enhanced Minimize to System Tray 
12/09/12 1.5 Added Window Minimized for JM Wallpaper Changer and all other windows that are open
12/06/12 1.4 Added Normal View, Stretch View and Preview to the Slide Show



Made the Slide Show independent of the wallpaper changer and added favorites to the Slide Show



Added image information to current image



Added History to the Menu


Initial Release

Initial Release