1. First Time - The first time you use JM Wallpaper Changer, the program will launch minimize.  To maximize the program, double click on the JM Wallpaper Changer on the task bar and when the Main Menu comes up, select the folder where your pictures are located, as shown below. Your selection will be saved automatically the next time you start JM Wallpaper Changer.

2. Add Favorites - To add the current folder to your Favorites, select Favorites and Add to Favorites.

3. Adding More Favorites - To add more Favorites, repeat steps 1-2
4. Switch your wallpaper -  To change your current Folder Wallpaper Path to another wallpaper path, select Favorites, Open Favorites and double click on any of your favorites folder path.

5.  Delay Time - You can set the delay time between each picture by changing the minutes or the seconds as shown below.

6. Rename, Delete, Edit Picture - To Rename, Delete or Edit a picture on your current screen, click on either Rename, Delete or Edit.

7. Slide Show - Set up a Slide Show by selecting Slide Show from the Main Menu.

8. Preview - You can Preview any picture by simply left mouse clicking on any picture file.

9. Clipboard - You also have the option to save the current Folder Path to the clipboard.


or you can open up the folder of the current picture folder by going to File and Open Current Folder

10. Change to the Next Picture - You can quickly change to the next picture on the list by clicking the button shown below.

11. Minimize All Windows - To minimize JM Wallpaper Changer or All Open Windows, select Display and than select either Minimize JM Wallpaper Changer or Minimize All Open Windows.