ADJUST THE TIME BETWEEN EACH PICTURE  - You can adjust the delay time between each picture from 1 second to 60 seconds or from 1 minute to 60 minutes.

ADD FAVORITES  - Add your favorite folders to your desktop wallpaper and switch to any one of these folders at any time you choose.

PREVIEW EACH PICTURE  - While in the slide show, you can preview each individual picture by simply clicking the left mouse button.

EDIT YOUR PICTURE  - Integrates your favorite picture editor to modify the selected picture and saves the folder path to the clipboard to make it easier to save the picture back to the same folder path.

ROTATE RANDOM/SEQUENCE  - You can rotate your images in the wallpaper either in sequence or in random order.

QUICKLY CHANGE TO THE NEXT WALLPAPER  - Double click to change your wallpaper to the current picture from the list or change to the next wallpaper picture.

RENAME A PICTURE  - Rename a picture on a fly.

RUNS IN THE BACKGROUND  - You can minimize to run in the background.

TIME LEFT - Gives time left until the next picture changes in real time.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR FOLDER  - You can point to anywhere on your drive where your favorite pictures are located and use those photos as your background.